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Be At Your Best, More of the Time

And one of the ways of Being At Your Best, More of the Time is to know that you have doubts and insecurities, accept that they are a part of being human, and then choose to go beyond them. Kay Gilley and others advise us:

We do not learn about spirit with our brains. We were born with spirit... We learn by breathing deeply and letting go of all the negative thoughts that clutter our minds with fear.

A wise man knows that he has only one enemy himself. This is an enemy difficult to ignore and full of cunning. It assails one with doubts and fears. Ben Hecht

Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt. Shakespeare

Trying too hard produces unexpected results:
The flashy leader lacks stability.
Trying to rush matters gets you nowhere.
Trying to appear brilliant is not enlightened.
Insecure leaders try to promote themselves.
Impotent leaders capitalise on their position.
It is not very holy to point out how holy you are.
All these behaviours come from insecurity. They feed insecurity.
None of them helps the work. None contributes to the leader's health.
The leader who knows how things happen does not do these things.
John Heider

It is in self-limitation that a master first shows himself.
Wolfgang Goethe Close
Ninety per cent of the world's woe comes from people not knowing themselves, their abilities, their frailties, and even their real virtues. Most of us go almost all the way through life as complete strangers to ourselves.
Sidney Harris Close